Superman Returns: Henry Cavill Is In Talks To Play The Man Of Steel Again

Maybe he’ll actually get to play a real Superman this time.

We give the Zack Snyder DC films a lot of grief around here. Speaking just for myself, a major reason why I feel this way is because I really enjoy Superman and care about what he represents. Having to spend three movies with a Superman who wouldn’t smile and didn’t appear to like people rubbed me the wrong way. Since that’s a lot of wasted time, I speak out about it.

But it’s not just wasted time. It’s also the wasted potential of a good actor in the role. We only saw glimpses of Henry Cavill’s happy Superman in JUSTICE LEAGUE but I enjoyed those parts as much as possible with the guy’s blurry lip getting in the way. I suspect Cavill could have been a great Superman had he gotten the chance.

And maybe he will. While his time in the cape seemed to conclude along with Ben Affleck’s time in the cowl, The Wrap reports Cavill is currently in talks to return as Superman in some capacity.

It’s that last bit that should give some pause. It could mean anything. Maybe he’s just coming back to help out with some of the Snyder Cut stuff. Then again, maybe he really is going to play some role in the ongoing DC universe with all these characters people actually like. Think about a new Justice League movie with Wonder Woman, Superman, Shazam, this new pasta-microwaving Batman and James Wan’s much more developed Aquaman. I would easily put my cynicism aside for that.

I suppose time will tell, but I sincerely hope we get to see Cavill’s Superman on the big screen one more time.