Leigh Whannell Is Bringing UPGRADE To Television

Yes, please.

Y'all have seen Leigh Whannell's UPGRADE, right?

No? Well, you're fucking up. UPGRADE's one of the best genre offerings of the past half-decade, a pulpy, ultraviolent, twisty little movie that out-VENOM'd VENOM in virtually every way. Starring Logan Marshall-Green, the film revolved around a dude who, after being paralyzed, accepts an offer from a shady billionaire to implant his body with an experimental tech implant called STEM, which turns him into an all-out killing machine. The guy then seeks revenge on the dirtbags who killed his wife, in often hilariously violent ways. Really, if you haven't seen this movie already, please add it to your to-do list immediately. 

Anyway, Whannell and Blumhouse are now bringing UPGRADE to television. Whannell will direct, a writer's room has been hired, and this is what the show will be about (via Deadline):

"Upgrade the series picks up a few years after the events of the film and broadens the universe with an evolved version of STEM and a new host – imagining a world in which the government repurposes STEM to help curb criminal activity."

An intriguing angle, and probably a necessary one given how UPGRADE (the movie) ended. It's also exciting to hear that Whannell's gonna helm this bad boy: I'm not sure we'd be as interested if this were someone else monkeying around within the world he created. We're very curious to see where this lands, and what Whannell and his team come up with.

Nothing further to report at this time, but we're very excited about this one and will keep you informed as further updates roll in. Stay tuned (and go watch UPGRADE if you haven't already, you will thank me for it).