American Assassin

Release Date September 15, 2017

Exploding from the pages of Vince Flynn’s best-selling thrillers, AMERICAN ASSASSIN is a high-octane political thriller with the highest stakes imaginable.

When Mitch Rapp’s (Dylan O’Brien, THE MAZE RUNNER) girlfriend is killed in a terrorist attack the new CIA recruit throws himself into his work more than ever, training with Cold War vet Stan Hurley (the legendary Michael Keaton) to hunt down the men responsible. But what they discover is more terrifying than they ever imagined - a legendary terrorist called The Ghost (Taylor Kitsch, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) who is looking to trigger World War III in the Middle East.

With its pulled-from-the-headlines situations and gritty, covert ops action, AMERICAN ASSASSIN is exactly the sort of edge-of-your seat thriller that gets your heart - and fists - pumping.

Dylan O'Brien, Michael Keaton
Director Michael Cuesta
Screenwriter Michael Finch, Stephen Schiff

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