Anna And The Apocalypse

Release Date November 30, 2018

A smash hit at Fantastic Fest 2017, ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE is the heartwarming, genre-mashing Christmas movie critics are calling "SHAUN OF THE DEAD meets LA LA LAND."

It's the eve of her last school holiday in Little Haven, Scotland, and Anna (Ella Hunt, LES MISÉRABLES) is at a crossroads. Her Dad wants her to go for University; she wants to see the world. Her school friends have trials and tribulations of their own, and they all grapple with their dreadful, power-mad principal Savage (Paul Kaye, GAME OF THRONES). It promises to be a holiday to remember, even before a viral outbreak turns people into zombies.

ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE is an unexpected, delightful, and remarkably effective blend of good-hearted teen coming-of-age tale, hard-bopping musical, and carnage-filled zombie picture. It'll bounce around your brain for days, even if zombies chow down on it.

Director John McPhail
Screenwriter Alan McDonald, Ryan McHenry
Ella Hunt

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