Release Date May 24, 2019

Everyone knows the story. Alien child crashes to Earth; is raised by small-town American family; starts to manifest superpowers; grows up to be a hero. But what if that child wasn't a hero at all? What if that child was a monster? 

That's the question asked by BRIGHTBURN, the new film produced by GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY's James Gunn. Subverting the Superman concept, story, and even visual iconography, BRIGHTBURN presents a deliciously horrific take on the superhero genre.

Starring Elizabeth Banks (THE HUNGER GAMES) and David Denman (THE OFFICE) as the boy's adoptive Earth parents, BRIGHTBURN is a horror movie for superhero lovers, offering a wildly alternate take on a legend. 

Director David Yarovesky
Screenwriter Brian Gunn, Mark Gunn
Elizabeth Banks

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