Daddy’s Home 2

Release Date November 10, 2017

After finally reaching the common ground in their first go-round, stepdad Brad Whitaker (Will Ferrell) and dad Dusty Mayron (Mark Wahlberg) are back and determined to keep the family peace in DADDY’S HOME 2. 

That’s easier said than done once their own dads show up at Christmastime. Dusty’s father, old school Kurt (Mel Gibson), and Brad’s sensitive poppa, Jonah (John Lithgow), aren’t exactly a match made in male bonding heaven. Adding to the mix for further potential domestic disaster is the presence of macho man Roger (John Cena), biological father to Dusty’s own stepson.

DADDY’S HOME director Sean Anders (co-writer of WE’RE THE MILLERS and HOT TUB TIME MACHINE) returns for the sequel along with the original’s co-writer John Morris. Also back are co-stars Linda Cardellini and Scarlett Estevez as ever-supportive spouses Sara Whitaker and Megan Mayron, and comic Hannibal Burress as dependable best bud Griff.

Director Sean Anders
Screenwriter Sean Anders
john lithgow, Mark Wahlberg, mel gibson, will ferrell

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