Fist Fight

Release Date February 17, 2017

Richie Keen's new comedy FIST FIGHT will finally deliver the showdown we've been waiting for: Ice Cube vs. Charlie Day.

When timid and highly un-courageous school teacher Andy Campbell (Day) accidentally gets his colleague, Ron Strickland (Ice Cube), fired, the latter challenges the former to an ol'-fashioned parking lot brawl outside the school at the end of the day. It's up to Andy to prepare himself - both mentally and physically - for the titular fight... and the whole school is watching.

Featuring a straight A report card of comic talent (including Tracy Morgan, Kumail Nanjiani, and Jillian Bell, plus MAD MEN’s Christina Hendricks and BREAKING BAD’s Dean Norris), FIST FIGHT feels like a big summer comedy that just so happens to be arriving in February. Who are you rooting for?

Red Band Trailer (NSFW)
Charlie Day, Ice Cube
Director Richie Keen
Screenwriter Evan Susser, Van Robichaux

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