Free Fire

Release Date April 21, 2017

Let’s talk about gun control. There are a lot of guns in FREE FIRE, and they are very definitely out of control. Alamo Drafthouse fave Ben Wheatley (HIGH-RISE, KILL LIST) is back with this fast and furious shoot-em-up that puts some of our favorite current actors into some very great ‘70s outfits and then has them spend 90 minutes shooting at each other. 

Brie Larson (KONG: SKULL ISLAND, SHORT TERM 12), Cillian Murphy (BATMAN BEGINS, 28 DAYS LATER), Armie Hammer (THE SOCIAL NETWORK, THE LONE RANGER) and more are trapped in a warehouse where an arms deal has gone very, very bad. 

What follows is a frenetic, funny and fatal feature-length gunfight that is some of the best action filmmaking of this century. FREE FIRE is a barrage of bullets and a fusillade of fun.

Red Band
Armie Hammer, Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy, Sharlto Copley
Director Ben Wheately
Screenwriter Amy Jump, Ben Wheately

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