Good Time

Release Date August 11, 2017

Raw and electric, this street-level bank robbery movie will forever change the way you look at Robert Pattinson (TWILIGHT). In GOOD TIME he plays a twitchy, edgy crook who is desperate to save his brother from the psych ward - and he will do whatever it takes, no matter how illegal.

Reminiscent of the gritty New York City thrillers of the ‘70s but with the speed and fury of modern cinema, GOOD TIME is tense and exciting, wringing anxiety out of even the smallest scenes. It’s the latest film from the indie darling directing duo, Josh and Benny Safdie, but this doesn’t feel like a standard slow indie feature. It’s big and exciting, unafraid of its pulpy crime roots and yet willing to go deep into its roster of flawed, all-too human criminal characters.

jennifer jason leigh, robert pattinson
Director Ben Safdie, Joshua Safdie
Screenwriter Joshua Safdie, Ronald Bronstein

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