The Big Sick

Release Date July 14, 2017

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Boy meets girl. Girl breaks up with boy. Girl goes into a medically-induced coma and the boy stays by her bedside, dealing with her crazy parents. 

Based on a heartwarming true story, THE BIG SICK follows up-and-coming comedian Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani, SILICON VALLEY) as he meets Emily (Zoe Kazan, RUBY SPARKS), a local student. They hit it off beautifully, a perfect couple from the first date. But Kumail comes from a traditional Pakistani family, and he’s expected to get into an arranged marriage with a nice Pakistani girl. Unsure how to bridge his cultures, Kumail keeps them separate… and when Emily finds out she feels betrayed and leaves him. 

But when Emily gets mysteriously sick and is put into a medically-induced coma, Kumail is the closest person in her life. As her parents - a glorious Holly Hunter (BROADCAST NEWS) and a revelatory Ray Romano (EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND) - rush to her bedside, dealing with their own issues and cultural differences, Kumail finds himself trapped between worlds and falling back in love with this girl he thought was out of his life. 

Funny, sweet and sometimes painfully honest, THE BIG SICK rewrites the rom-com playbook for the 21st century. Written by Nanjiani and his wife Emily Gordon, based on their real-life courtship, THE BIG SICK will make you laugh and cry and then laugh while you’re crying.

Holly Hunter, Kumail Nanjiani, Ray Romano
Director Michael Showalter
Screenwriter Emily V. Gordon, Kumail Nanjiani

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