The Foreigner

Release Date October 13, 2017

London businessman Quan (Jackie Chan) thought he’d put his past behind him, until a terrorist bombing claims the life of his daughter. But push Quan too far, and he’s going to push back.

Seeking revenge, Quan offers government official Hennessy (former 007 Pierce Brosnan) a hefty reward for the names of the bombers. But when the deal is refused, he embarks upon a cat-and-mouse face-off with Hennessy, whose own past may hold the key to the bombers’ identities. What unfolds is FOREIGNER: a propulsive conspiracy thriller with stakes no lower than life, death, and the truth.

Reuniting Brosnan with two-time BOND director Martin Campbell (GOLDENEYE and CASINO ROYALE), FOREIGNER adds all-time action legend Jackie Chan to the mix, guaranteeing the kind of smart, physical action-thriller they don’t make enough of anymore.

Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan
Director Martin Campbell
Screenwriter David Marconi

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