Wild Rose

Release Date June 14, 2019

She’s just been released from prison, and already Scottish rogue Rose-Lynn (Jessie Buckley, BEAST) is pursuing her dreams of country music stardom. Fame and fortune don’t come easy, though, and getting from Glasgow to Nashville is no easy task – especially for an ex-con working as a housekeeper with two young children to care for.

None of that will get Rose-Lynn down, though. With counsel from her employer and her mother, possessed of her own broken dreams, she sets her mind to making it as the next Dolly Parton – without abandoning the responsibilities of being an adult.

With a star-making performance from Buckley and a soundtrack of country favorites and originals, WILD ROSE is a funny, emotional, and ultimately uplifting tale that gets to the truth of how stars are born. It’s not through romance; not through sudden explosions of celebrity; but through hard work, determination, and compromise.

Director Tom Harper
Screenwriter Nicole Taylor
Jessie Buckley, Julie Walters

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