Release Date February 17, 2017

XX is a new all-female horror anthology featuring four dark tales written and directed by fiercely talented women: Annie Clark (St. Vincent) rocks her directorial debut with THE BIRTHDAY PARTY; Karyn Kusama (THE INVITATION, GIRLFIGHT) exorcises HER ONLY LIVING SON; Roxanne Benjamin (SOUTHBOUND) screams DON’T FALL; and Jovanka Vuckovic (THE CAPTURED BIRD) dares to open THE BOX.  Award-winning animator Sofia Carrillo (LA CASA TRISTE) wraps together four suspenseful stories of terror featuring a cast including Natalie Brown, Melanie Lynskey, Breeda Wool and Christina Kirk.

Melanie Lynskey
Director Annie Clark, Jovanka Vuckovic, Karyn Kusama, Roxanne Benjamin, Sof├Ča Carrillo
Screenwriter Jovanka Vuckovic, Roxanne Benjamin

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