The Badass Hall of Fame: Ninkasi

The second inductee in the Badass Hall of Fame is revealed and it’s the ancient Sumerian goddess of beer brewing. But we’re not just celebrating her because beer is awesome. We’re celebrating her because beer helped create civilization. Think about that the next time you have a cold one at lunch.

The Essential Warren Oates: COCKFIGHTER (1974)

In Two-Lane Blacktop Monte Hellman cast Warren Oates as a man who ran his mouth as much as he ran his muscle car. In Cockfighter Hellman takes Oates in the exact opposite direction, playing a man who doesn’t speak at all. He’s Frank Mansfield, one of the best cockfighters working the few states where it’s still legal, and he’s taken a vow of silence after losing his prime chicken after talking too much. Frank will stay silent until he’s been named the Cockfighter of the Year, a prestigious award that isn’t even given out every year - just in the years when someone deserves it.

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