Badass Hall Of Fame

The Badass Hall Of Fame: John McClane

John McClane is the great American action hero of the modern age. An answer to the cartoony, unstoppable heroes of the 80s, McClane’s DIE HARD films brought us a real human being at the center of awesome, thrilling action. His dedication and his bravery are not superhuman but totally relatable. And he’s got some great one liners.

The Badass Hall of Fame: Ninkasi

The second inductee in the Badass Hall of Fame is revealed and it’s the ancient Sumerian goddess of beer brewing. But we’re not just celebrating her because beer is awesome. We’re celebrating her because beer helped create civilization. Think about that the next time you have a cold one at lunch.

The Badass Hall of Fame: Warren Oates

If there were to be a patron saint of badasses, it would be Warren Oates. Not because he was particularly tough, although he could - at times - hold his own. Not because he was all that handsome, although he had a certain roguish charm to his smile. What made Warren Oates so badass was the way that he simply didn’t give a shit what people thought. Oates lived his own way - hard and rough, leading to his untimely early death - and worked his own way, staying out of the spotlight. There was a period in the early 70s when Oates - almost always relegated to supporting roles from which he handily stole entire films - was the best actor working in Hollywood.

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