Criterion’s August Assault on Your Wallet

More Kubrick and Polanski join the Collection, along with a great modern Korean film. They pay tribute to Jean Vigo and Koreyoshi Kurahara with a pair of box sets. Cocteau’s Orpheus, Battle of Algiers, and If… get Blu-ray upgrades. Read on for more details.

The Best from Criterion in 2010

Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but I pay an awful lot of attention to what Criterion releases, announces, and teases each month. Here’s a rundown of the best things they released in 2010, including my favorite extras.

Criterion Teases PALE FLOWER (1964) for Future Release

Criterion sent their monthly newsletter out today, which means another one of their “wacky drawings” that hints at an upcoming title. This one is a simple pun: the below image is a “pail” of “flour”, hence PALE FLOWER. Read on to find out why you should care about this badass Japanese gangster movie from the 60’s.

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