SCOTT PILGRIM Giveaway Winners

I’ve managed to at least get messages sent to our winners, but needed to put this post up to get the attention of a couple of others. There were a bunch of great entries out of the 60+ that we received. These were the most epic.


One of the great joys of the cinema is finding a movie that you love as much as someone else. Finding one that you love in spite of its bad reputation or dubious quality can be even better in some cases. TROLL 2 has a horde of people who fall into both camps, and have exalted it despite the fact that it’s practically unwatchable. Michael Stephenson, the child star of the movie, grew into a documentary filmmaker. He made a film about the cultural phenomenon that’s sprung up around it since the movie debuted 20 years ago. That movie, BEST WORST MOVIE, hits DVD tomorrow, and if you pirate it, I will punch you in the face until you bleed.

SCOTT PILGRIM vs. Your Free Time: Blu-ray Review

SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD hits Blu-ray and DVD with the punch of a Kung Fu chopfest on November 9th. I’ve spent the last couple of days devouring every last one of the features on the Blu-ray.  Read on for Badass Digest’s comprehensive review of the disc worth blind-buying in utter defiance of box office grosses.  Yet another giveaway contest is buried somewhere in there too…

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