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Put Some Lead In Fascism

Woody Guthrie’s guitar was famously emblazoned with the logo ‘This Machine Kills Fascists.’ That was pretty punk rock of him. But not everybody can fight for social justice and freedom through the power of song. Some of us are stuck using our words, and that’s where these pencils come in.

Holy Crap: MAD MEN’s Roger Sterling Really Has a Book Coming Out

Viewers of season four of Mad Men will know that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce senior partner/lush Roger Sterling has been working on his memoirs (rather than saving the Lucky Strike account). They’ve been the source of much comedy gold, including the revelations that Burt Cooper has no testicles and that Don’s old (and doomed) secretary Mrs. Blankenship was a sexual pervert in her youth. Now it turns out his memoirs will be hitting bookstores in the real world.