Paranormal Activity 2

Dear Paramount: Here Is My Pitch For PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3

It’s been announced that Paranormal Activity 3 will come out next October. That’s all that we have right now - no script, no director, no nothing. Which worked out for PA2 pretty well, a movie that was also greenlit well before any of the nitpicky ‘creative’ stuff happened. Which means now is the time for me to jump in with my big pitch for the third film. What I’m about to give you, Paramount, is gold (totally copyrighted and everything, of course. Don’t make me sue you!).


The first PARANORMAL ACTIVITY was made for no money. Paramount bought it with the intention of remaking it, and it sat on a shelf for years. When it was finally released it was a huge hit; the studio rushed a sequel into production so that it could have another one in theaters just a year later. How did that work out?


This weekend sees two ghostly movies hitting theaters, but they couldn’t be more different. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 is a jump scare hit already, while Clint Eastwood’s HEREAFTER is getting mixed reviews from the critics. What did you think of them, or any of the other movies in theaters this weekend? Weigh in here - it’s the Kingdom of the Commenters!