Peter Fonda

Discs in a Box: Criterion’s America Lost & Found (The BBS Story)

Criterion’s big box set release of the year hits the street tomorrow (Nov. 23rd), and it’s a tightly-packed journey through a particularly important period in American cinema. Everyone has heard of the big-name movies found here (EASY RIDER, FIVE EASY PIECES, THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, and THE KING OF MARVIN GARDENS), but lesser-known pictures like HEAD (featuring The Monkees), DRIVE, HE SAID (Jack Nicholson’s directorial debut), and Henry Jaglom’s debut A SAFE PLACE (which co-stars Orson Welles) are all equally important parts of the story behind them all.

The Essential Warren Oates: THE HIRED HAND (1971)

Coming off the success of EASY RIDER, Universal gave Peter Fonda one million dollars to make any movie he wanted. What he came back with was a hypnotically slight meditation on freedom and responsibility, with the great Warren Oates as its beating heart. The film flopped, of course.