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Terror Tuesday: Do Horror Movies Need To Be Part Of The 3D Craze?

With horror, the first is usually the best when it comes to sequels, but it applies to the current 3D craze as well. Since MY BLOODY VALENTINE debuted in early 2009 (long before the “game-changer” known as AVATAR), we’ve had a handful of horror films in 3D, and surprisingly, many of them were shot that way. SAW 3D, THE FINAL DESTINATION, and RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE, like BLOODY, were shot with actual 3D cameras. The only two horror post-converts were MY SOUL TO TAKE and (ironically) PIRANHA 3D. Considering the glut of 3D films clogging the marketplace (over two dozen in 2010 between real and converts), that’s not a bad ratio. But should horror stick to 2D?