Schlock Corridor

Schlock Corridor: THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS (2001)

The cars are finally tuned speed machines. The actors are lumpen masses of flesh. The script is the ramblings of a lead poisoned head trauma victim. It’s the first film in one of the most popular franchises running, and it could be the stupidest movie of our time.


Welcome to the first chapter in the Lee Frost Chronicles, where BAD examines the filmography of one of the titans of exploitation. This time we examine one of the weirdest, silliest and maybe worst movies of all time. Oscar winner Ray Milland has his head attached to footballer Rosey Grier’s body in THE THING WITH TWO HEADS.

Schlock Corridor: SUGAR HILL (1974)

Schlock Corridor - where all the weirdest, wildest and best B-movie are found. This time: It’s not a Wesley Snipes movie. SUGAR HILL is a classic blaxploitation film about getting revenge with good old fashioned voodoo zombies.

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