Time Waster

The Most Amazing Fight Scene of 2010

Two combatants. Two minions. Hatred that burns hotter than a thousand suns. Acrobatic moves. A rousing score. It’s the battle of two cats and two crows, and fight scenes will never be the same.

Breaking News: Angry Birds and Pigs Enter Peace Talks

One of the great conflicts of our time has been between the Angry Birds and the Pigs. Millions of iPhone and iPad users have participated in the battles, losing precious hours of productivity to the struggle. Now the two sides meet for peace talks. Can an end to violence be found?

Is It Google Street Walker View?

My favorite site of the day is 9 Eyes, a Tumblr that posts interesting pictures taken from Google Street View. Some of the photos are just slices of evocative life, some are silly, some are people fucking with the Google Street View car and some are actually beautiful. Quite a few of them, though, are pictures of hookers.

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